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Kids learn snowboarding in the Tyrol

The boards that mean the world to the kids and youths are waisted and have a slant at both ends: Snowboards have long since become established on the snow-covered pistes in the Tyrol. But how does one start a career as a young snowboarder? At which age should the kids start to snowboard? And where? And which board is suitable? No problem. In the Fiss-Ladis ski school kids will learn snowboarding easier than you would think.

"Our kids want to go snowboarding!" – no problem

From the age of six - that is the ideal time to start snowboarding. Kids at that age are big enough for the smallest boards, can concentrate better and have a more pronounced sense of balance.

Of course our Fiss-Ladis children’s ski school offers in addition to ski courses, also snowboarding courses for the youngest ones. Certified snowboard instructors introduce the kids in small groups to the secrets of snowboarding. First in Bertas Kinderland, then on the exercise slopes of the top ski region of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis.

Snowboarding isn’t that difficult – adults will also be convinced. On a board for the first time at 35? Why not? Snowboarding is not a question of age.

Of Boarder-X, Rainbow-Rail, Big-Air-Bag und freerides

The snowboard scene has developed rapidly over the last decades. It’s only logical that snowboarders have their own “language”. Parents do not always have to understand everything. The kids will learn the most important terms first-hand. Then it will be also easy to read a paragraph like the following.

Of course there is not only the freeride terrain with phat riffs and cliffs, but also a Boarder-X and fun parks. With the 12-metre Rainbowrail, the latest Big-Air-Bag at the XL-kicker and plenty of jumps, lines, tables, pipes, kinks, other obstacles and the chill area, there is plenty to experience in our snowboard zone. In English: The Fiss snowboard fun park offers all that makes a fun park a fun park. By the way, it is located between Plazör- and Schöngamp downhills, is insonificated and supervised by park sheriffs.

Top snowboard service for guests of the Laurentius

The perfect access to the snowboard scene is offered on Saturday evenings. That’s when the pros from the ski school visit us at the hotel. A good option is also our local sports shops. Rather than equipping your kids with expensive snowboard equipment, you can simply rent it as it is conveniently there.

Dear guests,

We will have open until 13th april 2024

See you soon!

Barbara and Michaela Neururer