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Playin Serfaus

In Serfaus too, unsuitable weather is unheard of. There too, you can experience plenty indoors. There is for example the large indoor playground at the base station.

Children are delighted about it. The rooms of the former Pendelbahn lift were completely redesigned to create a gigantic playing paradise for children.

In the large climbing hall there are twelve different walls and two climbing towers. Each route has its own motto and this provides for fun and variation. You can for example let a volcano erupt or climb against the time. Very special highlights are the two Geometrix Lines – two free-standing climbing towers in the middle of the hall. The boulder room with colourful holds that are suitable for children, soft matting and plenty of space looks like a large chemistry lab, where one has to find a solution to an exciting task. The climbing hall features a fully automatic safety system that is very easy to handle. Climbing is absolutely safe there and the equipment is also on site and can be used free of charge.

A further highlight for children between five and ten years is the softplay facility that stretches over six floors. One can hear loud and happy children’s laughter from the ball pools, the ramps, the slide, the balancing bars, the climbing hill, the trampoline, the crawling tube, the climbing net and a lot more. While the children are romping about, the parents are making themselves at home with refreshments and snacks in the recreation room. If one still gets caught up in the fever of the games, we can recommend the interactive play wall with classic games such as “Memory” or “Four to Win”.

Another highlight is the laser room, where dexterity and quickness are called for. Only if you manage to cross the laser labyrinth without touching light rays, you will win. Plenty of fun and good spirits are guaranteed. The laser room completes the perfect play experience at the Serfaus base station.

PlayIN Serfaus indoor playing & climbing world

Dear guests,

We will have open again up from 15th june 2024!

See you soon!

Barbara and Michaela Neururer