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Family Holidays in Fiss - Tyrol

Family Holidays include Active Vacations, Adventure Vacations, Sports Vacations …


Stay with us and discover how easy it is to create your own custom family holiday!

“Mom, where are we going for vacation?” Let’s talk about Family Vacations…

You know it from experience: Once kids are able to talk, they also play an important role in family holiday decision making. Whenever you talk about family travel and vacation, children influence their parents’ decision. This is, of course, obvious. A family holiday will only be successful if everybody is happy, both the parents AND children.


If the parents are happy and the kids are unhappy, the result won’t be satisfactory. Vice versa, if the children have fun and the parents haven’t, it won’t be good either. The Family Hotel Laurentius has options for all family members; everybody gets a piece of the “large, yummy holiday cake” …


The ideal Children’s Hotel for Families: "Everyone is Happy"!

This is our philosophy and that’s why we are especially dedicated to ensure a wonderful family vacation experience. Our aim is to provide a hotel for adults but at the same time offering special provision for children. Our programs give families time together as well as allowing the children to have adventures of their own at the STAR.Club. Have some quality time to yourself and enjoy spa, beauty and massage treatments – or join the activity, sports & fitness programs that are offered for adults. This is your holiday too!


Family Holidays also include Grandparents, Infants, and Single Parents …

The traditional family (mom, dad and kids) will find everything they need at the Family Hotel Laurentius. We focus on families and offer them plenty of fun activities.
However, we also cater to non-traditional families by meeting their flexible and dynamic needs. What options are out there for single parents? Grandparents with grandchildren? Father and child? Young family with infant? Whatever the family looks like, everyone gets the advantages of a family holiday, plus a few extras. (For more details, select the menu items “Single Parent Holidays”, “Grandma & Grandpa”, “Baby Care Services”).


Our tip for a great family holiday: Whenever you talk about family vacations, mention the Family Hotel Laurentius!