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Gym – fitness and sports for adults in the Laurentius family hotel

Slim. Fit. Fat burning. And this during your holidays. What would have been a bad joke a few years ago, is now almost a must. More and more guests want to enjoy their personal fitness training during their winter and summer holidays as well. This is why we have refitted.

Fat burner and holistic training

Our gym features Technogym endurance equipment from the Excite professional line.

In addition to the “Run Excite Jog” treadmill and the “New Excite Bike”, there is a Cardio WAVE and a VARIO – perfect for endurance training. The new Vario machine adjusts to the length of your steps. You can start by stepping, continue by walking and then start running without making adjustments on the machine. Different handles make it possible to focus the training on the lower part of the body or to also use the arms and get the whole body moving, like on a cross trainer. This is simple, uncomplicated and the perfect programme for the whole body.

All our stamina training machines are cardio machines with different programmes that can be individually selected in a targeted way. All handles have sensors for heart monitoring. Fat burners that give strength and enable perfect training.

For your personal strength training

The “Unica” multi gym station provides over 20 exercises for all large muscle groups. Unica is a multi gym. Targeted trunk and back training is possible on two benches – a “crunch bench” and a “lower back bench”.

To complete the offer for your individual training, there are also wall bars, gym balls and gym mats in the Laurentius exercise room.

… and our Geoway lifebalance – the full programme for your body (at a charge): infrared in combination with exercise and light therapy.

Dear guests,

We will have open until 13th april 2024

See you soon!

Barbara and Michaela Neururer