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Fisser Flieger

Free as a bird – this is the feeling you can enjoy when floating 47 metres above the ground in the Fisser Flieger.

Up to four persons can buckle up to the impressive glider at the same time. After a safety check you are ready for: TAKE OFF! Your heart might sink into your boots and you’ll experience a tingling feeling of excitement in your belly. Don’t be afraid. The Fisser Flieger is absolutely safe. Free as a bird, but without any risk. What more could one ask for?

Summer and winter, day and night, forwards and backwards. First you go uphill backwards with a speed of 40km/h to then soar downhill forwards at a speed of 80km/h. With the Fisser Flieger, the young and old take off, not only during the day.

The Fisser Flieger in detail:

  • Flight height: up to 47m
  • Total length: approx. 700m
  • Number of passengers: 4 persons at the same time
  • Forward speed: 80km/h
  • Backward speed: 40km/h
  • More information on admission prices and opening times is available at the Laurentius family hotel.
  • Children from a height of 130cm may use the Fisser Flieger.

Fisser Flieger in the summer

Fisser Flieger in the winter

Dear guests,

We are open  from 15th june till 3rd november 2024

See you soon!

Barbara and Michaela Neururer