Wellness for children

Wellness for children and youths

“1000 times beautiful”

Special facial with gentle products that maintain the natural skin balance.
Moisturizing treatment and delicate facial massage.

Duration: 30 min.
Price: €34
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Young skin

Special treatment for teenagers

Special facial with antibacterial products that maintain the natural skin balance. Cleaning, peeling, removal of skin impurities and follow-up vitamin mask plus useful tips for young skin.

Duration: 60 min.
Price: €66
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HOPI ear candles

Ear candles made of pure cotton and beeswax produce a slight negative pressure in the ear, which acts like a gentle massage on the eardrum. Includes a lymphatic drainage massage of the head. Especially recommended for constipation is carried out on top. Especially recommended for blocked sinuses and colds.

Duration: 25 min.
Price: €32,00
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massage kids

A massage brings a feeling of closeness, safety and health to the child. We use Chrystal children’s oil with the calming active ingredients of honey and chamomile. After the massage, the child will feel happy and relaxed.

Duration: 30 min.
Price: €36,00
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Evening primrose creme bath

Provides you with a soft skin feeling. Especially effective for dry skin and neurodermatitis.

Duration: 30 min.
Price: €38,00
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“Glittering star”

Manicure for children with nail varnish and sparkling stones

Duration: 20 min.
Price: €25,00
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Dear guests,

we and our employees are very happy to be able to welcome you with a
“very welcome, nice to have you here” until 25th October.
In Winter we will be open from 17th December 2020 until 11th April 2021

By the way:
We have adjusted our cancellation conditions for the Winterseason!
More information on the hygiene measures in our hotel and the skiarea can be found here.


Take good care of yourself and your loved ones and most importantly stay healthy!

See you soon!

Barbara and Michaela Neururer