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Wellness for children

Wellness for children and youths

“1000 times beautiful”

Special facial with gentle products that maintain the natural skin balance.
Moisturizing treatment and delicate facial massage.

Duration: 25 min.
Price: €42
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Laurentius Signature Treatment - Kinderritual

The STAR among the stars
Our Laurentius children's ritual offers loving facial care, a relaxing pedicure or manicure that is specifically tailored to the needs of young guests. Your children will feel like little stars while they enjoy a luminous SPA experience.

Duration: 50 min.
Price: €75
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Träumerei - massage kids

A massage brings a feeling of closeness, safety and health to the child. We use Chrystal children’s oil with the calming active ingredients of honey and chamomile. After the massage, the child will feel happy and relaxed.

Duration: 25 min min.
Price: €42
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“Glittering star” - kids manicure or pedicure

Our Glitter.STAR manicure or pedicure is like a magical fairytale for your nails. You can choose your absolute favorite color from many sparkling colors and then our magical artists will transform your nails into real pieces of glitter. This special pampering not only includes making your nails beautiful, but also a ticklish hand or foot massage that will make you feel like a real STAR in the spotlight.

Duration: 25 min.
Price: €32
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We are open  from 15th june till 3rd november 2024

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Barbara and Michaela Neururer