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Guest reviews

Your coeliac diet plan

Let us talk about your diet plan!

Whether it is a diet for sufferers of coeliac disease or any another diet: If we know which food you or your children must avoid, which special food we may buy (We have a wide range of Schär products) and which food you bring with you from home …

...enjoy carefree holidays at our place!

At the beginning of your stay our chef will greet you in person and talk with you about your gluten-free diet. You will see that we´ll be perfectly prepared. Of course the same applies if you have histamine intolerance, lactose intolerance or other special diets.
The Laurentius family hotel is a member of the IG Zöliakie – Schweiz.

Guests reviews about the coeliac diet at the Hotel Laurentius

We want to present some reviews and letters we have received from satisfied guests with coeliac disease.

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The following letter from the Nater family from Switzerland was printed in the circular of the IG Zöliakie


we would like to hand on the following holiday experience for your circular:

Our family spent two weeks at the Laurentius family hotel in Fiss (Tyrol) Our initial concerns in relation to the food for our youngest son (coeliac disease and allergy to milk protein) were gone once we spoke to the manager Sabine by phone two weeks ahead of our holidays. She inquired extensively about coeliac disease and was looking forward to welcoming us. What we experienced during our two-week holiday exceeded all our expectations. Every day we could go into the kitchen and discuss the meals for Pascal directly with the chef.

He was delighted at the special desserts he got every day. The hotel even took the trouble to organise gluten-free flour by Schär in the pharmacy of Landeck. So Pascal could enjoy freshly made bread rolls for his breakfast. Our two-week holiday was dreamlike and we could really relax and unwind. We can sincerely recommend this hotel (It is best to already mention celiac disease when booking.).

6533 Fiss in Tirol (Oesterreich)

Tel. 0043/5476 6714
Homepage: www.laurentius.at

With kind regards,
Cornelia & Heinz Nater
8902 Urdorf

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Dear NEURURER family,
5 years ago, after 5 years of suffering, my current doctor diagnosed that my problems are related to food. A special blood analysis showed that I cannot tolerate gluten, cow’s milk produce, protein, oranges, kiwis, hazelnuts, bananas and curry. If I stick to this diet I feel a lot better after 2-3 days and my pain is more or less gone.

Ever since then we can only take holidays at a hotel, which are prepared to cook for me acc. to these rules. From all hotels, where we spent our holidays in the last years, yours was the best. Your chef visited us every day at our table to arrange the menu for the upcoming day. Top is top!

If all goes well, we will most likely meet again in the second half of August to discover Fiss in the summer. It is yet too early for us to fix the date. We want to wait for the vine blooms to see when the harvest will be.

With kind regards from the Elsass,
Christiane + Jean Pierre Gilg

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Dear Mrs. Neururer!

Our son has coeliac disease and must stick to a special diet. During our holiday planning process we encountered the offer of the St. Laurentius family hotel in Fiss. Already before our arrival we were contacted by phone and e-mail by the chef and planned a varied menu (breakfast and dinner).

After our arrival we met the chef in person and he explained the buffet, which also had many gluten-free options.
Daily at dinner, we discussed the details for the meals for the upcoming day. Special requests, such as homemade fish fingers and Kaiserschmarrn (shredded pancakes with sugar and raisins), fresh bread from the bakery and lunch packs for the day on the piste were met to our complete satisfaction.

The food was also a treat for the eyes and our son ate everything! The service staff was very attentive and always available, it was never a problem to get an extra bread roll at breakfast or a little extra at dinner. We will certainly come again!

With kind regards,
Saladin family

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Dear Mrs. Neururer,

I can truly recommend your hotel to future guests with food intolerances or allergies. It is quite remarkable how your kitchen team and all of the service staff deal with intolerances.

Shortly after my arrival I met the chef to go through the list of foods I had sent ahead of the holidays.

In the mornings I was asked for my requests for the dinner and even at the highlights such as the gala dinner they considered my intolerances. At breakfast they also catered to requests I made short-term.

Dear Mrs. Neururer, you can publish this report. Maybe you can also add that in addition to the proximity of the pistes, your cuisine is the reason why we have spent our skiing holidays at your place for about 10 years now.

Kind regards to the whole team,
B. Pick

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Dear Neururer family,

In January 2010 we spent our winter holidays (for the 3rd time) at your hotel. This time was different though, since two members of our family (1 adult, 1 child) received the diagnosis coeliac disease in 2009. When we spoke to your personnel (reception and kitchen) in autumn, we were immediately reassured and felt in good hands.

We discussed everything before our holidays and on our first evening we fixed the menu plan (breakfast, snack and dinner). We also appreciated their help in organising lunches on the piste.

The Laurentius checked back with the ski huts so that we could also have gluten-free meals there. We will certainly come back!


Many thanks,
Christoph Küffer and family

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Spend relaxing and carefree holidays in the Laurentius baby & children’s hotel with your personal celiac diet!

Dear guests,

We will have open until 13th april 2024

See you soon!

Barbara and Michaela Neururer