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Mountain hiking with children in the Tyrol

How is hiking possible with children? Can I take my 10-year son and his 7-year old sister on a summit tour? Yes, this is possible. But there are a few things to watch out for.

The surrounding summits, the mountain world around Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, the Ötztal Alps, the Kaunergrat and the Samnaun mountain ranges have always attracted summiteers from all over the world to the Tyrol. These mountains are amongst the most impressive in the Alps. There are numerous hiking tours, quaint huts, beautiful pastures, hundreds of exciting stories and places to be explored.

Holidays in the Tyrolean mountains

Isn’t it funny that quite a few guests feel the desire to climb a 3,000m-peak immediately after having arrived here. From the hotel rooms of our Laurentius family hotel these summits seem within your grasp. This feeling of wanting to get outside and up these mountains is a good one and important, it is the feeling of incredible freedom and a need to explore. But if you want to take your children mountain hiking, you have to consider a few things.

Hiking with children: preparation

Food, equipment, motivation, hiking destination, safety and knowledge of the area – these are the most important points you need to consider for a fantastic, successful and unforgettable hiking tour with children. If you prepare well, you will be rewarded with the most beautiful experiences. Let’s start at the beginning. If you want to climb a summit, you need proper provisions – in particular you need enough to drink. Hiking does not only burn calories, but one also sweats a lot and needs to replenish the lost fluids.

Drinking a lot and breaks

In addition to plenty of fluids and the right food, you also need the right equipment. You shouldn’t embark on a mountaineering tour in trainers or flipflops. Good hiking boots are a must and the crisp mountain air and the feeling of freedom are an integral part of any hiking tour. A tour also requires the right motivation, but please don’t overdo it. Children need regular breaks. Consider the needs of your children, which might differ considerably with their age. Sometimes it can be helpful to take a lift for a few hundred metres of altitude gain. A little help won’t spoil your summit experience.

With your family to a hut

The choice of the hiking destination is also important. Huts are the perfect destination for mountain hikes with children. Once there one can rest and recharge properly. Our hut keepers know many exciting stories about our region. The young and old appreciate it. If you are on tour with children, you should take the time to observe nature, it is the best instructor possible. In addition to huts, lakes are perfect destinations for hiking tours with children too.

Family hike with mountain guide

A mountain, even if it’s been made accessible, is always unpredictable to a certain degree. On a hiking tour with children safety must always come first. Don’t overstrain yourself and don’t take unnecessary risks. Many of our slopes are east-facing – perfect for summer hikes. But the sun might be really strong on the mountains. Therefore you shouldn’t overdo it. If you want to play safe, you can book a mountain guide, who knows the region like the back of her/his hand and will bring you safely to your summit bliss.

Parents who really want to enjoy mountaineering and climbing in the high-alpine terrain, which is too difficult for children, can still do it. In our kids club your offspring can easily spend some hours without their parents. The children are happy and busy and the parents are real close to their summit experience.

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