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The Action.STAR.Raum

The name says it all.

The Action.Star.Raum is a room, where there is always something going on. Climbing, sliding, hiding, balancing and romping about. But kids are also delighted about the consoles, such as the Nintendo Wii, the Playstation III or the Xbox 360. Particularly popular are the giant iPads, which are often occupied by mums and dads. Not surprising, since there are hundreds of different games installed.

In the Action.STAR.Raum is also a soft play facility and a Rombox. Dexterity and patience are the virtues required there. The facility also reminds one of the cult series of the 90ies, Takeshis Castle. What was fun in the 90ies, is still fun today. Digital games on the Playstation and the giant iPads. Bobby Car races. Funny moments in the soft play facility. The Action.STAR.Raum is the perfect meeting point for everyone who´s looking for indoor fun.

Dear guests,

We will have open this winter until 15th april 2023.

See you soon!

Barbara and Michaela Neururer