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Our family pool with slide

"Is the Laurentius a children’s hotel with water slides?" We are often asked this question. Since there are more and more aqua parks with giant slides in southern Europe, kids don’t want to do without water slides during holidays in the mountains. It wouldn’t be a family holiday without sliding fun! It wouldn’t be a family hotel without a water slide!

Children’s hotel with slides

Because we know about this wish and want to make families happy, we have installed a 3-lane race slide in our family pool. Yes, it is premium. Sliding fun deluxe. Not exactly spa, but the children really get full value there. Tyrol is not really known for swimming holidays. But with an indoor pool we can confidently say: Your family will have real fun!

Skiing holidays in a children’s hotel with indoor pool

We took a long time planning our family water worlds. Not only the right floor surface to prevent sliding, but also the perfect temperature and the right offer was necessary. Our large family pool is to the delight of parents and children. 130 centimetres pool depth. Massage benches that provide relaxation and invite to dream.

The 3-lane race slide, winding its way through the family pool, is THE hit of the family pool. Up and down again. Up and down again. It is quite possible that one or the other young guest covers more metres of altitude gain on the slide than in the mountains.

Dear guests,

We will have open until 13th april 2024

See you soon!

Barbara and Michaela Neururer