Massages at the Laurentius baby & children's hotel

Our massage was successful if you leave with a smile on your face!

Our massages are divided into the following categories:

Classic massages - for health & vitality

Classic massages - for health & vitality

Well being and relaxation with classic massages, such as partial or a full body massage, fango treatment, foot reflexology treatmentss or massages with selected aromatic oils.

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Full body massage

This massage covers the entire body and offers complete relaxation. It can help reduce stress, promote blood circulation and relax muscles.

Duration: 50 min min.
Price: €75
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Partial body massage

Classic partial body massage, concentrating on the neck, back, shoulder or legs.

Duration: 25 min min.
Price: €54
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Aroma oil massage

Massage combined with warm oils creates deep well-being.

Duration: 50 min.
Price: €78
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Moor Pack - highlight before the massage

The mud pack is a heat treatment that is applied before the massage. It helps to relax the muscles and promote blood circulation, making the massage even more effective.


Duration: 25 min.
Price: €35
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Targeted massages on the reflex points which activates the body’s own natural healing process.

Duration: 25 min / 50 min min.
Price: €54 / 75
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Special massages – pure relaxation

Special massages – pure relaxation

With the Lomi Lomi and LA STONE therapy our therapists will take you to foreign places.

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Lomi Lomi

A journey for the senses to foreign places

Hardly any other massage can be so lovingly described as this massage technique from Hawai: Lomi Lomi works like the powerful well formed dance of the ocean on body and soul.

This produces a pure sense of well being. Using rhythm, pressure, kneading, rubbing, and almost dancing movements on the armpits, palms of the hands, thumbs and knuckles, any interrupted energy flow is balanced out again.

Duration: 80 min.
Price: €135
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La Stone therapy

A journey for the body into the world of stone

A fascinating ritual of a massage, working on the body’s energies, and the effectiveness of warm Bassalt – and cool marble stones.

The body is massaged with a pleasant rhythm from head to toe, the metabolism and blood flow is stimulated and the muscles relax. Body and soul are freed from negative influences by the aroma of burning white sage. The whole organism is recharged with new energy and vitality, energy fields are harmonised and strengthened. This treatment produces a deep sense of relaxation.

Duration: 80 min.
Price: €120
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Love your body

A full warm body massage with a foot reflexology massage. Using warm essential oils and gentle deep penetrating strokes, you are led into a journey of revival and the deepest sense of well being.

Duration: 75 min min.
Price: €118
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