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The nature theme trails – hiking and learning

Hiking and learning about nature and its inhabitants at the same time? This is possible. In Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis there are so-called nature theme trails which are very popular amongst the children.

Here a few examples of nature theme trails in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis.

Fisser Gonde nature theme trail

A very special nature theme trail is the Fisser Gonde above Möseralm pasture. To walk this beautiful theme trail takes about one and a half hours. The Fisser Gonde is easy to get to. With the blue gondola you reach the Möseralm pasture first. The theme trail starts directly at the mountain restaurant of the same name. First you cross a little brook. You pass an entrance door to get directly onto the Fisser Gonde theme trail. Off you go. An attractive loop trail with altogether 25 stations that are dedicated to the Fisser Gonde natural monument (protected since 22.7.1978) awaits you. The stations are differently designed and entertaining. Some are informative, some playful, some interactive. Nobody will get bored. Quite the opposite.

Animal theme trail to Frommes Alp with falconry and game enclosure

A visit to the Frommes Alp is a special one-day excursion for the whole family and should be part of your holiday hiking programme. You take the red gondola – the Schönjochbahn – up to the mid-station. From there you hike towards “Gample” along the animal theme trail (pushchair accessible) to the Frommes Alp.

After an approx. 1.5hour-long hike you will find a game park with red deer enclosure and falconry at the quaint hut with large sun terrace. Falconer and host Christian or his wife Martina Schmid offer guided tours daily.

There you will learn all about the domestic birds of prey, some of which have been accommodated for fostering in the falconry. Today among other species, partridges, owls, hawks, falcons, buzzards or even stone eagles live there at the Frommes Alp.

Hiking with children along the Marmots’ Trail in Serfaus

Another theme trail and also an alpine loop trail at an altitude of more than 2,000m is the Marmots’ Trail (Murmeltierweg) in Serfaus. This theme trail is suitable for families with bigger children who are able to make hikes with up to four hours of hiking. A narrow path leads from the Lazid - at 2,350m – across the “Scheid” to the Furgler See lake. This little mountain lake about half-way on the route is perfect for having a break. The perfect place for a real mountaineers’ picnic.

Then one continues past the Plansegg to the Serfauser Komperdell (approx. 1,900m). Along the path you will find information panels that tell about the life of marmots. You will hear the animals whistling, will see numerous entrances to their caves and if you look hard enough, you will certainly be able to observe marmots playing or lying on one of the numerous stones near the path. Back on the Komperdell you can conveniently get back to your hotel by taking the gondola and/or the hiking bus. Another, shorter theme trail on the Serfauser Komperdell is the “Flowers’ Trail”. It is also a loop trail and well sign-posted. Information panels inform on the different flowers that grow on the Komperdell – many of them are protected and special in our intact mountain world.

Forest life is outlined by the Forest Theme Trail in Ladis

Starting point for this hike (trail no. 4) is the Platzbrunnen fountain in the centre of Ladis. On 22 wooden panels along the trail, trees and bushes are described in detail.

In addition to this ecological forest theme trail in Ladis, a small brochure is available in the Ladis information office. This booklet includes information on the large cycles in forests – the water cycle, the nitrogen cycle, the food chain and the energy flow. A brief text on forest animals and descriptions of local bushes (wild strawberry, elder, blackthorn and many others) and trees such as larch, pine, birch, ash, fir, elm and spruce complete the information about the forest on the sunny plateau.

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