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Winter Holidays in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

The First Choice for Your Winter Holidays with your Family in the Tyrol - Austria


In the Tyrol’s Ski Dimension of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis you can enjoy winter at its best!

“More Winter for Families!”
“I RUN” for the best Ski Resort in the Austrian Tyrol…

It is not surprising that ski holiday makers vote for Tyrol's Ski Dimension of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis – which other region would be the only true candidate for winter holidays in the Austrian Tyrol? A favorite of the hearts, a big promoter of families, a friend of all generations; moreover outstanding in the fields of skiing and more holidays: “More winter for families – a maximum of skiing holidays in Fiss is the minimum!”
All jokes aside (although Tyrol's Ski Dimension is always good for fun): the best ski areas are elected every winter.


Renowned magazines and publishing houses let their readers decide. In the Tyrol, in Austria, in the Alps … Which region offers the best winter experience? Where to book skiing holidays? The results of the last years show clearly: from the ADAC ski guide to the dsv-Atlas test of ski areas: Tyrol's Ski Dimension is the number one destination for families, the first choice for winter holidays in the Tyrol – Austria.


“CHOOSE LAURENTIUS”, the Family Hotel for your Ski-In/Ski-Out Winter Vacation…

Winter after winter the natural “Star” of Fiss presents itself in its best form, “always on top”. Laurentius is the favorite destination for skiing holidays for families. Lodging at the Family Hotel Laurentius in Fiss puts the ski vacationer in close reach of the ski resort – ski-in/ski-out convenience is a big deal when it comes to skiing and holidays…. Not only the ski area lies at your feet, but Laurentius Star offers also sensational highlights off the slopes. If you book a skiing holiday, you also book a lot of winter: hiking, sledding, cross country skiing… - plus all family highlights of the region. Well, a winter holiday is – even amidst the ski area – more than just skiing.


“THE PERFECT PROGRAM” for Families: Book Your Ski Trip NOW…

All our statistics show: the winter program of Laurentius STAR is popular among all ages! Kids enjoy attending the Kids.STAR.Club with Aprés Ski for Kids, while parents relax in our Spa – the best program for winter holidays! Besides skiing …

“Dear Ski Vacationers!” Whenever you book a winter vacation in the Tyrol – Austria … it is an important decision to make for the whole family … you will want plenty of skiing … holidays …and fun – but you’ve got the choice! It is the best choice you have … trust your instincts or trust your common sense … and for god’s sake don’t book a winter holiday if you are not entirely convinced of the offer. Your Family Hotel Laurentius.