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Children's Programs in the Summer at your Baby & Children’s Hotel

STAR Program for Kids in the Summer: It Happens Outdoors!


 “Natural Talent”: The Outdoor Holiday Adventure Program

Good by nature! Despite of all the highlights of our private STAR.Club: in the outdoors there is an incredibly exciting world, full of surprises, full of life and magic: the mountains of the sunny region of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. Besides the unspoiled nature, Family Hotel Laurentius is also talented when it comes to experiencing nature with children and to discover it in a playful way.

The outdoor holiday adventure program is a hit – and (in the nature of things too) outshines everything else.

Outdoor Adventures: Summer, Nature, Children

Dingalingaling, we – the Laurentius STAR kids – are coming! We zoom to the Fiss Fire Brigade, speak to Chief How at the Red Indian Village, hunt for the treasure of the mountain… In the summer the Family Hotel Laurentius offers plenty of fun, nature and adventures for children of all ages daily.
Some adventure programs are carried out with selected Adventure Pros (rafting, canyoning, high ropes course…)


If the weather isn’t kind to us (what luckily is rarely the case in the sunny region of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis): we offer a colourful program at the STAR.Club daily – versatile, full of fun and funny…

The Adventure Mountains of Thomas Brezina. Click here for Details.

From our Summer Program for kids from 3 to 6 Years:

  • Together with “Berta” we ride through the Village
  • Dingalingaling … we visit the Fiss Fire Brigade
  • Today is Wild West Day!
  • We colour the grey street!!
  • Today is Pirates’ Day!
  • Treasure Hunt in the Mountains
  • We are looking for the Laurentius Champion!
  • Guessing Hour
  • Making Handicrafts
  • We make our own Laurentius T-shirt

From our Summer Program for Kids from 6 to 11 Years:

  • 1, 2 or 3
  • ”Who would have thought that?” We make interesting experiments
  • Creative Workshop
  • We make sculptures from aerated concrete or make a holiday souvenir
  • Laurentius Challenge
  • Hocus Pocus the School of Magic (at a charge)
  • Kids’ Show
  • Table Tennis Tournament
  • Painting of a T-shirt
  • We visit X Trees
  • Hip-Hop Dance Workshop

From our Summer Program for Kids from 11 Years:

  • Nordic Walking
  • Beach-Volleyball Tournament
  • Cocktail Course
  • Adventure at Inn River – Rafting, Canyoning, High Ropes Course (for extra charge)

What Better Place to be a Kid than in a Mountain Playground where the Opportunities for Adventure and Fun are Endless!

The STAR Program is adjusted to the children’s needs…The listed programs are just examples that are on offer most of the time, but not always! We adjust our winter program to the children weekly: it is adjusted to the children’s age, the number of girls and boys and the wishes of the children.
It is possible that some listed program points do not take place every week. If not an alternative activity is offered!