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Snowboarding for Kids

Snowboarding for Kids & Teens

Snowboarden für Kinder in Tirol

 “Our Kids want to learn to board!” – No Problem!

Your friends have been asking you to join them on the slopes, and whether it's because you've run out of excuses or because you're tired of being left out of all the fun, you've decided to finally learn to board. Problem is, your parents don't know the first thing about snowboarding. Fear not. We've gathered a few tips to help make your first trip to the slopes more enjoyable: What age can you learn to snowboard? What equipment do I need to snowboard? Where can I learn to snowboard? When it comes to riding, the Snowboard Programs of the Fiss-Ladis Ski School will give your kids something to talk about. Our professional instructors will teach your children the fundamentals of safe riding and provide a fun learning atmosphere.

Snowboard Lessons at your Doorstep

Children are recommended to start snowboarding at the age of 6. The snowboard instructors of the Fiss Children's Ski School are the best of the be They are patient, caring, encouraging and very supportive every step of the way. By the way: the new official term for them is now Snow Sports Instructor in Austria. They focus on learning through adventure in small groups, inspiring a passion for the sport, and offering a positive, successful introduction for first-timers at Berta's Children's Land. More advanced riders access the entire Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Ski Resort.
Snowboarding is not just for the younger generation anymore. More and more adults over the age of 35 are picking up a snowboard and hitting the slopes. Why not try for yourself?

Snowboardlehrer der Kinderskischule Fiss

Boarder-X in der Ferienregion Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

Jumps, Jibs, Halfpipe or Boardercross - Talk Like an 'Air Dog'

The pow is really phat, dude -- let's shred this half-pipe." You're not a happening snowboarder unless you can talk the talk. However, as a parent you don't need to understand everything... we'll provide you with some „phat“ facts instead: Fiss is a giant playground, but we also have a great freeride terrain with riffs and cliffs, a boarder cross course and phat terrain parks. In the terrain park we have jumps from small to large in many shapes and sizes. Table-tops, rollers and spines will get you going. The terrain park is full of jibs too. With several rails and boxes, jibbers have what they need to show their talents. Whether spinning, sliding or gliding on flat, curved or kinked elements, jibbers go all day in the terrain park. Pipe riders and twin tippers gravitate and elevate in the half pipe where you can do your tail-grabbing over the walls and drop in from smooth decks for sheer excitement. Jumps, jibs, halfpipe or boardercross – from beginners on up to the region’s top riders, it’s all right here for you at the Fiss terrain park! It's located between Plazör and Schöngamp downhill runs, has an advanced sound system and park sheriffs are on duty …


Top Snowboard Service for Laurentius Guests

Snowboarden in Tyrol The local snow sports school offers exclusive services to Laurentius guests: Each Saturday evening, you can book lessons in person in the lobby of the hotel. Have a look at the programs offered and contact experts for more detailed information.
And instead of buying, rent your kid's snowboard equipment in one of the local sports shops.

Snowboarden in Tirol