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Nordic Walking in your Holidays at Family Hotel Laurentius

Nordic Walking in your Holidays in Tyrol’s biggest Nordic Walking Arena

Nordic Walking in der Ferienregion Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

142,2km of Nordic Walking Trails in Tirol’s Sunniest Mountains

Record: No other Tyrolean region offers a more extensive network of sign-posted nordic walking trails at all levels of difficulty! 20 nordic walking routes can presently be conquered in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, 142,2km altogether. Trend: growing – not necessarily the number of routes, but the popularity of the sport! Routes range from “short and even” to “difficult and steep”.  

All nordic walking routes lead from the villages through an idyllic mountain landscape – meadows, fields, forests, pastures – and are either easy or exhausting…
All 142,2km of the nordic walking network are exemplarily sign-posted. The colour of a route (just like with ski runs) shows the difficulty of the route: blue = easy, red = intermediate, black = difficult / steep.
(It is absolutely possible to perceive a route as being light blue or deep black…)

Everything Seems Easier: Nordic Walking is Great Fun and Boosts Your Fitness Levels

No other sport exercises as many muscles and as gently as nordic walking: 90% of our muscles are used, e.g. the shoulders. At the same time there is no major strain on joints and the muscular-skeletal system. Well and life will get easier indeed. Nordic walking is a top class fat-burner…

Let’s summarize: Nordic Walking

  • trains the entire muscle system – power, stamina, coordination
  • avoids movements which can cause a major strain on joints and the muscular-skeletal system
  • improves your general fitness levels– even if you walk slowly
  • is perfect for fat burning: high energy consumption and pulse level 

How healthy is Nordic Walking really?

Is nordic walking rightly popular? Yes! You don’t race, but walk quickly in consideration of pulse and stamina levels. Hardly another sport offers as many advantages. Exercise in the outdoors is always good, but even doctors enthuse about the power effect of nordic walking. The latest “AMAS” study proves what many guests have known for a while: exercise in a high altitude is especially beneficial for your health. Well, you can imagine now how healthy it is to pursue nordic walking on a Sun Plateau at an elevation of 1,400 meters above sea level.

First Steps: Free Nordic Walking Courses for Beginners

Everyone can Enjoy Nordic Walking!
The chest is slightly bend forwards, arms swing in a relaxed way – diagonal to the legs – the poles are only gripped tightly when they are put down. Nordic walking is easy to learn and a chance for less trained persons to pursue some sport for their fitness.
Preconditions? The right equipment: comfortable shoes (sports or running shoes), light poles that we happily provide for free. Secondly, the right technique must be learned. The free nordic walking units offered at Family Hotel Laurentius and in Fiss are perfect for that. Our certified ANWA Nordic Walking Instructor happily guides you towards new fitness…