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Murmli Water Playground

MURMLI WATER: The Ultimate Get-Wet Pleasures at the Mountain Brook


Murmli Water: The Water Adventure Playground with 15 Interactive Stations

The Murmli Water Park is an interactive adventure playground at Laustal Brook on Serfaus' Komperdell Mountain - truly one of its kind.
This interactive playground is Fun with a capital F! 

There are channels and chutes and pumps. There are bridges and tunnels and fountains. There are wheels to turn and pools filled with sand and mud…
Kids of all ages will have a blast at Murmli's interactive water playground! 
Strongly recommended: Bring dry clothes for your little ones!

Murmli Water: Marmot Zoo, Picnic Tables & Sun Loungers ...

Children of all ages can't resist the magic of water. They love the gooey mixture of earth, sand and water that Tyroleans refer to as Gatsch and can build the most fantastic castles, roads and landscapes with the stuff. It’s also a great material for thrilling experiments. And let’s face it, who really cares if the kids get a little wet and dirty in the process? Certainly not the parents, who'd secretly like to join in the fun at the interactive games park. 15 play and adventure terminals are arranged around a rushing brook. Undisputed highlight is the Marmot Zoo where kids can watch Murmli's friends in real...


 Parents who would prefer not to get wet can retire to the integrated relaxation zone and watch the fun and frolics from their elevated sun loungers. Moreover, there's a Murmli Lighthouse with picnic tables.

BBQ Facilities by the Mountain Brook

Ready for some great family fun? Pack up the family and meet us at Murmli Water's BBQ facilities for families. If you wish, we’ll do all of the planning, you just order up the excitement and enjoy a mouth-watering BBQ by the mountain brook. 

How to Reach the Murmli Water Park

Murmli Water is within a magnificent 90 minute-walk from Family Hotel Laurentius . If you prefer it more convenient, ride the Gondola (for free with your “Super.Summer.Card”) – then take a 30-minute walk along Panorama Trail to reach Murmli Water! Both trails are stroller accessible.


The park consists of numerous interactive stations grouped around a torrent. There are the following playing stations: Murmli’s entrance, water reservoire, bow and arrow, waterway, Murmli’s fountain, cliff labyrinth, racetrack for pontboats, dancing stones, big hill, relaxation zone with sun loungers, sand playgrounds, water stairs, playground, Murmli’s lighthouse with picnic area, water wheel, kiosk and, finally, a marmot enclosure with real marmots!
Overview Map of Murmli Water Park