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Child Care at the Kids.STAR.Club

Child Care at the Kids.STAR.Club: Perfect Care and Supervision


Where you see the Laurentius STAR label, you can expect top child care – at the Family Hotel Laurentius children are supervised on seven days a week!

May I introduce Myself? Laurentius - The Star of Fiss

Forget about Star Wars: Laurentius, the mascot of our family hotel, is a STAR indeed – star-shaped, yellow and over the moon! Laurentius STAR represents top-quality childcare – and guarantees in person that your family holidays will turn out fine …


Top Child Care at the Kids.STAR.Club

STAR all over, Laurentius, the Star of Fiss, has set up a great place: The STAR.Club covers an area of 300m² and is a colorful paradise for children that has been designed to make the dreams of kids come true. A merry world for children to play, make handicrafts, laugh, dance, romp about … Laurentius STAR is always surrounded by its friends of the STAR.Club: kind and loving child-carers (not star-shaped and yellow though, but top motivated and full of ideas) and many other guest children. Perfect preconditions for your children to feel at home in their holidays – like a star in the sky!


… for Children of all Ages

I am a STAR, do NOT take me out of here! Children are the stars of Family Hotel Laurentius – little ones are celebrated! At the STAR.Club children of all ages find exactly what they are looking for. Age-adequate is the word, but it is a lot funnier than it sounds! From early to late and also on weekends. Just as well, since most children cannot get enough of the STAR.Club’s entertainment program.


Highlights: Please Welcome, Hocus Pocus School of Magic


Of all great entertainment programs like disco for kids, Wild West Day, STAR cinema... that are offered by the STAR.Club (and are described in the “Child Care Services” section) we would like to tell you about two special highlights – the most popular ideas for children (and parents!)

Laurentius STAR “Proudly Presents”: Please Welcome the STARS!

Ready for the stage: once a week we welcome the STARS on stage! Dressed up and with a little stage fright all maxis, kids and teens show on stage what they have rehearsed with pros (and with a lot of fun): the big Laurentius Show by children for parents, who generally are an enthusiastic audience. Applause, applause!


Hocus Pocus School of Magic

Amazing: the big School of Magic is offered at STAR.Club for all kids from 11 years and it attracts them magically. Children learn many tricks from pros, make boredom disappear on the spur of the moment and when the sorcerer’s apprentices pull something out of their hats, even Harry Potter could learn something… (Course and Magic Set: EUR 45)

By the way, when Germany is looking for its Superstar once more:
what concerns dreamlike holidays for the whole family, there is just one favorite…


Childcare at Laurentius Family Hotel!