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Baby care at baby & kids hotel Laurentius

Our BABY Club is an all-round baby care center


BABYcare: Rest assure that your bundle of fun will have the time of their lives!
„Thank you for doing a superb job in taking care of our "precious cargo"!“

The baby hotel

Your little ones are important to us at Laurentius Family and Baby Hotel. That's why we have installed a special area for babies at the STAR Club. For very important little guests, where to begin... the BABY Club is the obvious choice; a treasure trove of activities, toys, books, games and adventures for little ones aged six months to three years. Stimulating toys and exciting sensory experiences combined with affection and cuddles will keep the very small ones contented while parents relax. First, we wanted to call it the „Pacifier Zone“, however, we have then opted for BABY Club.

BABYcare at hotel Laurentius

The BABY Club - The perfect baby care center

Too precious to leave at home then we’ll make sure even our smallest guests are welcome with us at the baby hotel. With years of experience we know how important it is to provide them with a range of activities and experiences that tantalize their senses, all the while being pampered and enjoying a slightly structured environment while away from Mum & Dad.
While with us you can be assured that they will enjoy exciting toys and thrilling sensory experiences whilst being engaged by our caring baby nursery staff that loves to lather lots of affection and cuddles on our youngest guests. In short, we love to see your baby crawling around! (That’s why once we thought about calling the BABY Club the „Crawling Room“.)
By the way: the BABY Club has direct connection to a covered patio, letting infants play outdoors under the watchful eyes of our dedicated nursery staff.

If the kids are happy, Mom and Dad are happy: It's all smiles here with us …

Delighted children are key to an amazing vacation for the parents as well: If you thought becoming parents meant no more cozy weekends away, think again. We welcome little ones with open arms, offering all sorts of little touches to keep you on the right side of sanity. With the experienced and caring staff on hand at Laurentius Family Hotel you can rest assure that your bundle of fun will have the time of their lives. Baby and childcare services will let you enjoy as much grown-up time as possible and you’ll be surprised at how painless a weekend en famille can be. Most importantly, parents are positively encouraged to chill-out while their under three's are kept blissfully nappy happy.


What hours does the Baby club childcare run?

Our dedicated nursery staff is on duty in the summer and in the winter to take care of your little ones and make their break with us special too:
Mondays to Sundays 08:30am to 9:00pm

There are no additional costs for our Baby Club!

Click here to find out more about Baby Equipment at St. Laurentius Baby Hotel.

Just to let you know: We are getting great feedback from families!