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Holidays with Grandma & Grandpa

Holidays with Grandma & Grandpa at family Hotel Laurentius


My vacation with Grandma and Grandpa was the best I ever had!


Grandma & Grandpa travel to the Family Hotel with their Loved Ones

The pleasure of traveling together can cement bonds between grandparents and grandchildren.

In addition to having fun together, traveling to the Family Hotel Laurentius with your grandkids will allow you to have outdoor adventures and soothing spa experiences of your own…

Holidays for the Grandparents

Whether you get together with your children's children, or with your children and your children's children—Grandma & Grandpa are bound to have a great time here with us! At all times of the year, the stunning mountain scenery encircling the Sun Plateau of Fiss-Serfaus-Ladis lends itself to outstanding nature exploration and fun-filled outdoor activities.
The Water World and the Spa, offering beauty and massage treatment rooms, are available to adults only. Savor true gourmet excellence at our Family Hotel.
While the kids enjoy their all-time favorites from special children’s buffets, the parents and grandparents can dine over sumptuous menus with peace of mind.

… and for the Grandkids

Children feel great at the Family Hotel Laurentius, and they feel even greater with their grandparents. Although Grandpa’s shoulders are better than every climbing tree, the STAR.Club (with its many programs, ideas and surprises) welcomes kids of all ages. Also, there’s food for all generations.
Poor eaters who often refuse food won’t be able to resist the kids buffet. “Is that true, Granny?”


Intergenerational Trips – The Secret of Happiness for All:

One of the best parts of an intergenerational trip to Family Hotel Laurentius is that someone else does all the daily planning of activities, meals, and entertainment. Best of all, grandchildren have other children to play with, and grandparents have peers to talk with.

Take a vacation with your children and your children's children and share a wonderful family vacation experience!