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Hiking Austria - Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Region

Hiking Vacations on the Sun Plateau in Mountains of the Tyrol:
Explore Austria's Top Walking Offers for Families!


Taking the Kids to the Mountains? All Trails lead to Exhilaration …

The Sun Plateau of Serfaus Fiss Ladis is a landscape of drams. A landscape to answer your dreams. With a stunning network of waymarked paths that entice through forest and pasture, round dazzling tarn and over tumbling stream, treading a belvedere in the sky or crossing a wind scuffed pass, there’s no shortage of opportunities to turn those dreams into reality.

This part of the Tyrolese Mountains is a true paradise for hikers, boasting an array of routes that are especially suitable for little ones …


Get Back to Nature and Wander in Tirol's Gorgeous Scenery

Absolutely stunning beauty at every turn, with a dozen 3,000-meter peaks, guaranteed to take your breath away whether you climb them, or just marvel at them. Hiking and biking trails abound, bringing you uncompromised views of nature to take in at your own pace.

Take the Epicurean Trail to the Observation Platform; walk to a crystal-clear mountain lake and refresh your feet. Adventure doesn't stop on the hiking trail: experience the excitement of alpine dining on a quaint mountain hut …

Each year in May when the snow melts, Fiss prepares for leaner times in summer - and for hiking! The thriving Sun Plateau with its gently rolling hills holds year-round appeal for those who like their mountains green and white. Many hills are facing the east, which means they experience beautiful sunshine in the mornings and that makes them perfect spots for morning walking tours.


More Fun Hiking Trails for Families: Discover the Nature of Serfaus Fiss Ladis!

There are numerous fun hiking trails in Serfaus Fiss Ladis, many of which are appropriate for kids and perfectly sign-posted (you'll even find a great number of hikes with GPS Waypoints!). Specifically, the Sun Plateau's family friendly hiking trails bestow an unbeatable opportunity to get your family out of the house and away from TV, the Internet, and video games: Explore the „Spring Trail“, „Flower Trail“, or „Marmot Trail“.

Learn about legendary mountain ghosts along the „Enchanted Trail“, get to know local fauna and flora on the Forest & Animal Naturalist Trail and be sure not to miss out on walking Brezina's Adventure Mountains … Many of these walks are part of the Laurentius STAR Summer Program, others are offered by the local tourist board fro free.

Stroller Accessible Trails: Even the Youngest Children can enjoy Hiking

„Give way to strollers and prams!“ The Sun Plateau is a wonderful place for children. There exists an abundance of natural spaces for children to explore, play and be in Serfaus Fiss Ladis. Playgrounds are numerous and hiking trails are easily accessible. Many of the easy trails are stroller accessible so that even the youngest children can enjoy the beautiful scenery and sounds! (see Hiking with Kids)

Otherwise, let your older children use their own legs to climb on rocks and build a healthy relationship with the natural environment, collecting flowers or berries! Trot past babbling brooks and along rivers. Breathe in the fresh clean air of this alpine environment. Walking in the Austrian Mountains creates memories that will stay with you and your kids forever! For your convenience, gondolas and cable cars do operate in the summer as well, whisking you up to the heart of mountaintop hiking. And special hiker's shuttle services bring you to the base stations of the lifts and to the starting points of beautiful hikes…


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