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Fiss in Tirol's Top Family Region

The Three Villages of Tyrol’s Top Family Region Serfaus -Fiss-Ladis:
Fiss in the Winter, Fiss in the Summer - Fiss for Families!


The Villages on the Family-Friendliest Sun Plateau of Tyrol:
FISS – Right at the Heart of it All ...

If you google “Fiss” you get thousands of hits – many are on holidays, family, the Tyrol… or on ski vacations, ski resorts, Landeck ...
Fiss is located in the heart of the Sun Plateau near Landeck, 500m above the valley floor on an altitude of 1,436m, just between Serfaus and Ladis. It covers an area of 37.7km², has 1007 inhabitants – a population density of 25 persons per km²: Fiss is a mountain village, peaceful – and sunny! A paradise for families!
Despite its upturn, Fiss has remained a village at heart.

FISS in Winter: Perfect Skiing Holidays with your Family in the Tyrolean Ski Dimension

Naturally, Fiss in winter is cited in the same breath as the Tyrolean Ski Dimension of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis.
The Tyrolean Ski Dimension is called Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis and not Serfaus Ladis. Just like in the skiing dimension’s name, Fiss is central to the ski area: thanks to state-of-the-art lifts it is perfectly connected to the stunning network of slopes. Some special highlights for family holidays are offered in Fiss: “Berta’s Children’s Land” ski school kids’ terrain or the Snowboard Terrain Park at Schöngampbahn Lift. And if speaking of skiing holidays, families and Fiss one mustn’t forget to mention THE Family Hotel with direct access to the slopes, right at the heart of Tirol’s leading family ski resort

FISS in Summer: Family Tirol Village and Fun Park

The quiet and nice character of Fiss also dominates in summertime! Here one can recreate and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Hiking, enjoying, being happy… - a great place for families and summer holidays!
The province of the Tyrol has awarded Fiss with its “Family Tyrol Village” seal of quality because of its range of offers for families…
Fiss has every reason to be self-confident, also in the summer. It is not only leading for family holidays but also offers adventures at the Fiss Fun Park: “Fisser Flieger” flying device, “Fisser Flitzer”… (and a certain Star of Fiss!)

The Star of Fiss – The St. Laurentius Family Hotel

Speaking of right at the heart: some hits one gets when googling “Fiss” (especially Fiss and family holidays or Fiss and skiing holidays) refer to a certain Laurentius, Laurentius Star: it is said that it is THE specialist for family holidays in Fiss and always at the heart of it all…