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Family Hotel Laurentius – The Baby & Children’s Hotel in Tyrol, Austria

Kids Winter ProgramBaby & Children’s Hotel Laurentius in Tirol, Austria


This Children’s Hotel provides excellent childcare for happy family vacations! TheSTAR.Club (1.000m²) has a terrace and qualified child care professionals who work there 7 days a week.

What’s typical of your perfect Children’s Hotel?

... even if Leonie (8) is annoyed by her younger brother Luke (5) when he plays with building bricks. That’s why the Laurentius Family Hotel offers activities for children of all ages, for tiny tots aged 3 to teenagers aged 14, for Leonie and Luke! The STAR Club’s ‘hardware’ as well as the activities of the program can be as flexible, fun and diverse as the children themselves. (Hence, the ideal children’s hotel is as elastic as a rubber band – only more patient.)


Only in a Children’s Hotel, Activity Programs meet the special Needs of Children

The STAR Program offers a variety of opportunities for kids, any time of year: in the beautiful outdoors as well as in the STAR.Club. Either way, we’ll stick to the Laurentius STAR success formula. Children’s programs are supposed to be like superb sports shoes; they must fit perfectly and also need to adjust to the wearer’s comfort, keep the wearer grounded, but not too much, let the wearer breathe…. (Hence, a children’s hotel is like a sports shoe.)


Only a Children’s Hotel guarantees a Team of Excellently Trained Childcare Workers

Our qualified child care workers provide loving care for your children. But what is ‘care’? Child care workers play and craft with children, tell stories, go hiking, work as day nannies and babysitters, appear in a fancy dress, draw, dance, etc… Sometimes it seems they are even capable of witchcraft!

Either way, the great commitment of the care workers makes them the kids’ best friends and the parents’ most trusted persons. The Laurentius Family Hotel has become a favourite with families and children. (A children’s hotel thus connects to families and children.)

Kids.STAR.Club - Our Hotel's Childcare Center

The trained counsellors at our Kids.STAR.Club have an action packed program planned with activities that build skills, self-confidence and friendships that will last a lifetime. At the Laurentius Children’s Hotel, kids are entertained with age-appropriate, organized activities, seven days a week, from early to late …
Laurentius Kids.STAR.Club Opening Hours:
Mondays to Sundays: 08:30am to 09:00pm



… and what about Babies? They will have the time of their lives as well!

You can rest assure that your bundle of fun will spend memorable hours at our Baby club and STAR Club. Our baby and childcare services will let you enjoy as much grown-up time as possible and you’ll be surprised at how painless a family holiday can be.

Our Baby & Childcare Services:

Childcare Services at the STAR Club
Laurentius Kids STAR Program in the Summer
Laurentius Kids STAR Program in the Winter
Laurentius Baby Care Services

Child care as it ought to be!

The Laurentius Family Hotel loves kids – and kids love the Laurentius Family Hotel!